Testimonial 02



North Star has done two jobs on our house, which was built in 1952 — first, a few years back, putting in windows, re-doing our master bedroom and bath, and this last time, putting on a big front addition.

I heard of North Star first from a neighbor, who’d hired them for some work. They’re great! I wouldn’t even consider this job with anybody else because we lived in the house, and everybody that came in said, “Are you still living here?” We put a staircase in the middle of the house. They ripped the whole thing open. This is a kind of job you wouldn’t do with a contractor who was showing up on a part-time basis. People would see the North Star sign and come by and say, “Well, they worked on our house. They’re wonderful, aren’t they?” There just aren’t other contractors like them, not that I know of anyway.

We didn’t have an architect, just started out on a napkin, developing a rough idea, and then gave it to Jerry Okerstrom and he drew up a design. The remodel opened up everything, and we love it. We had 13 house guests for Christmas, and it didn’t feel crowded.

The thing that’s really so great about North Star is that they’re very honest, very straight. If they’re not showing up, they’ll say we can’t be there tomorrow, we’ll be here Thursday instead of promising stuff they can’t deliver. I just finished a remodel job on a commercial office building I bought, and the contractor lied all the time. He’d say he was still waiting for windows to come in, and when I called the window supply company they told me they’d had ’em in for ten days. He was just working on other stuff and didn’t want to be straight about it. I couldn’t imagine going through that on my home job. I just wanted to be dealing with people who were ethical and honest. The North Star guys are great.